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"What a fun job this is! It's bringing happiness to others. People are delighted to see "The New Barker", and many start looking at it before I even walk out the door! Thank you for the opportunity."


"I received my "The New Barker" just the other day - great articles and wonderful information, as always. My copy is kept on the kitchen counter and I read it every chance I get.

I want to thank you for your article and photos of our Blessing of the Animals and Pet Fair held this past October. We all appreciate your coverage! This is such a fun and worthwhile event and you've added to it each year!

Thank you so much,"
Marian Komara
Lake Seminole Presbyterian Church

"I wanted to let all members know how grateful we should be for our appearance in this Holiday’s The New Barker Dog Magazine. You will find several members amongst the pages, so please check it out and look for everyone. Members of ours are in there at least 8 times…hint! If you do not get it already, you can visit our site as they are one of our sponsors and hit the link. You can also find copies in various stores that advertise in this great magazine. You will find new events to go to in your area, hotels and venues that are doggie friendly as well. I was shocked to read that the Dolphin Research Center in the Keys are doggie friendly…..hmmmmm sounds like a road trip to me!

Thank you!"


"Your magazine helped our annual Kiwanis Pawfest tremendously by getting the word out to vendors and to the public. Your participation was key to our event's success."

—Linda Bullerman
President of Largo/Mid County Kiwanis

"I was at the Art Unleashed event last night and picked

up one of your magazines for the first time...loved it! Can't wait to get my subscription started."
—Ana Rivera, Paws Park, Jacksonville

"Your magazine is one I read from cover to cover. It is well laid out and the articles are informative and interesting. I read it with one dog on my lap and one next to my right hip and one at my left hip. The cats watch from afar as this is the dogs' time. Please keep up the great work and dedication."
— Judy, Clearwater

"Thank you again for your hard work in making this publication a reality. You will probably never really know how many lives (human & canine) that you have helped with every edition of

— Lon, St. Petersburg


I accidentally discovered your

THE NEW BARKER site while on the web. The 'covers' look so very cute. Wish it were in NY !"
— Cathy, New York City

"I know this magazine. I really, really like it!
— Cesar, Los Angeles

Hi! We're a BIG FAN of

THE NEW BARKER and have received it since the very first issue. Thanks for such a WONDERFUL magazine!
— Kelli, St. Petersburg

The ad looks absolutely awesome, thanks so much.I'm really happy with it and my relationship

— Dani, DVM, Tampa — Advertiser

I love the ad, very creative and the superdog is great.

— Susie, St. Petersburg — Advertiser

What a wonderful thing for you to do for your clients and readers! Congratulations on your top-notch publication.
Sheri, Jacksonville

Pet Product Distributor


It's beautiful. And I totally love what you guys did for us in the Here's to Dog Health section! It's wonderful! I will link to it online and blog, tweet and Facebook it! Thank you thank you thank you! Cheers!
— Dee, Belleview, Washington Advertiser


Winter 2014 Cover Art


by John LaFree

In The Current Issue —

A secret unleashed. “The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.”

The story of one Military Working Dog Team.


How two dogs made a difference in the lives of two people.


Collars and Leashes Like You’ve Never Seen Before.


Sweet tributes to some of the dogs we lost in 2014.


Why I Became A Veterinarian.


The New Barker — Where Dog & Style Converge.

In Every Issue —

A calendar of dog friendly events.

Dog Socials.

Reviews of dog books, movies & music.

Featured Artists.

Product Spotlight.

Working Dogs—What dogs do for people.

KuDOGS—The good that people are doing for dogs.

Travel & Doggie Dining—Reviews of dog friendly restaurants & resorts.

Rescue Groups—Profiles of rescue groups and adoption events.

BARKOUTSClassifidos for pets & people.

In The Company Of Dogs.

Health—Diet & Veterinary care updates.

Out & About—Places to go, stay & play with your dogs.

Fashion & Home.

Life From a Dog's Perspective: Featuring Guinness & Lil' Rosie.


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